Monday, April 19, 2010

People are unreliable no matter what

So the past few days when I've been closing the store, I've been getting out far later than I should have, all because I'm missing the one key person that would have made things go so much better. Like the last time I closed, it ended up being myself and one other person who was scheduled to leave an hour before closing, which is typical.

The other person? Well, she was a no call no show.. I knew that she had been in the hospital because she had apparently passed out. That made me feel kind of bad, except that the next day after she had gone to the hospital, she was in the store acting like everything was normal. It's one of those cases where I feel bad for her, since apparently she had had a baby just four weeks prior, but at the same time, we still need someone to at the very least say that they're not showing, or someone else to take the place. I don't know what to think about whether or not she did have a legitimate hospital episode.

So, I was there about 45 minutes more than I probably would have it have if I had had someone else there during the day. And it's getting commonplace, because of the fact that people come and go so often that it's almost not worth it to learn their names sometimes. So honestly, it's like mcds. Except that I do more work, and my hands are constantly gray from dish washing. I mean it literally, my hands have cracks that the dirt from the place seeps into, and it's like there's no way to get it out.

I suppose that when I do eventually quit, I'll always have that memento.

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