Sunday, December 27, 2009

L2Multitask, kthxbai

So last night I was working and I was running for drive thru for part of my shift. Now, when the runner has someone who is a good presenter, drive thru can just hum along, because then we're able to achieve what's called HBO (Hand Bag Out).. basically that means that we should ideally be able to just hold the bag out the window, the customers just grabs it and is on their way.

However, the person who was in the window was a slow person. He's somewhat of a nice guy, but it doesn't help when he keeps people waiting because of his own ineptitude. For instance, drinks. Our drink station is automatic, but drinks won't be made is there are drinks clogging up the conveyor line and just sitting in the front of the line. He would sit and wait on his order to finish being bagged, and just ignore all the other drinks that needed lids on them.. and as a result, with the line full, more drinks couldn't be made. So when he'd get another order immediately afterwards that was complete, the next customer has to wait on the presenter because he would have to still sit there, put lids on the drinks, and wipe them off (if needed).

Why would someone think that just standing there waiting on food is acceptable when there are other things that could be done while you're waiting on your food to be handed to you so you could hand it out the window? I always try to multitask when I'm able to-- stocking while taking a drive thru order, cleaning while waiting on food to be bagged, etc. Why can't more people do this relatively simple thing?

On another note, our store has officially run out of those Coke glasses. It gives me a bit of pleasure to see an order where someone orders five large meals that runs them like $30, and then they come to the second window and they're expecting a glass and we get to tell them that the glasses are gone, even the display ones (we had people asking to buy the display before we were even done selling all of the glasses, it seems kind of sad to me). I'm sure eventually people will stop ordering the large meals so much now that we don't have the glasses.. I'm also sure that it'll take a while for it to sink in for people around here.

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