Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Non food items bane of existance

Right now mcd has a special where if you order a large meal, you get a free glass, four colors in all. This has of course resulted in people ordering more large meals, because they really want that glass.. sometimes four or five large meals at a time because they *really really* want those glasses.

I honestly don't get the huge appeal of collecting the glasses, but I suppose I've never been a fan of kitsch. Although not everyone buys them for the sake of collecting them (although help us all if we get someone who came in yesterday to get one color glass and they're upset because we don't have the next one out yet). There was one person who even purchased EIGHTEEN of those glasses at once.. why? Was it to give to people? (which, if that's the case, it's kind of a cheap gift.. they sell by themselves for $2-$3 per glass). Was it because they wanted a cheap glass set? (18 x $2= $36.. there are cheaper sets that are pretty nice available at Target). What possesses people to go so crazy over cheap items that mcd sells?

I suppose it's the same sort of thing with the toys. Now, ideally, they're sold in order, the toy in the #1 box going out first, and then after *all* of those are gone, then the 2nd box, and so on. The crew people sometimes either get lazy or dumb, because sometimes boxes get out of order, and then people get toys that they should have gotten later now. And it gets really annoying because they will try to get us to dig around and search for a particular toy, as if the toys we sell are somehow collectible or something their child will simply cherish. I refuse to dig in the boxes to try to find that one special toy for someone-- the toys have an order they go out in, and I am not breaking that order just because you come in every single day and have everything that we have already put out so far. (I especially enjoyed doing this when the Beanie Babies were out-- middle aged women in particular went crazy trying to find that ONE particular toy for their kids allegedly-- more like they were probably collecting them for themselves).

The sad thing is that if these items were in a dollar store people would probably pass them up, but put those items in a mcd and they will sell in a snap...

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