Sunday, December 27, 2009

Give me money....

.. the right way, please. Today I was in back booth, taking money and orders. It was a pretty chilly day (eventually we had flurries, but anyway), and normally it's the type of day that I'd wear gloves for. However, in back booth, it's almost impossible to do so, for three reasons. One, it's hard to wear gloves and conduct money transactions. Two, it's hard to take an order on the touch screen, although sometimes it's gotten around by static electricity and a pencil. And three, because of the fact that every few minutes when I'm between orders I would be removing said gloves anyway in order to do dishes.

So my hands were like ice, and pretty stiff. And what annoyed me today is observing how people give money. The right way to do it so that money doesn't fly everywhere is to hand the person the change first, and then hand over the bills, with them not crumpled in a ball, not folded every which way, but all straight and somewhat orderly. This is ideal, so that I can just quickly count the money and put it in the till, and then handle the change back if any.

However, people don't do this typically. So I'll get change buried in crumpled up bills, or folded into the bills, or people giving me the cash and then change under the misguided belief that the change will weigh down the cash. In reality, due to how people will typically hold cash, this just results in the change sliding off of the hand and onto the ground. And then if money flies away, and it will inevitably happen, it's supposed to be a loss in MY till. And there's no way I want that to happen.

On another note: for the love of God, ask for the things that you need when you're ordering. Don't get to the window, where we have your food all ready, only to decide that you need a bunch of sauces and ketchups because you didnt think to ask until you got to the window. I'm not going to ask if you want sauces or ketchup or whatever for your items.. it's my belief that if you aren't asking for the items as you're ordering, then it's obviously not as important to you. Asking for the items at the window just slows the whole process of handing the food out in a major way.

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