Monday, January 4, 2010

Multitasking--learn it!

A few days ago I had rave reviews from a couple of coworkers because I have an amazing ability to multitask. And by that I mean being able to figure out that if I'm, say, waiting on food to come up for drive thru, that I could be doing something else such as cleaning or stocking something.

Y'see, I'm usually the one who has the presence of mind to run back and grab things like sauces or cups and fill those up while I'm doing something else, and I manage to stock ALL of said item before moving on to the next thing. However, sometimes it feels like I'm in a minority of one, and that it's something that somehow eludes other people. It seems depressing to me because of the fact that I manage to do the work of three people every day, and yet oftentimes people don't seem to have the ability to even do enough for ONE person. I feel like I'm having to run around and flit about, correcting the newer people in how to do things, and then I want to have an aneurysm because I'm doing things that they should think to do but they don't, such as cleaning lobby or heck, cleaning more than just the three feet around their register.

I suppose that I'm a bit resentful because of the fact that once, when I started at mcd, I had to learn more in two weeks than these people had to learn in a month. Of course, I originally started as a manager back years ago, and so I had to not only learn the crew responsibilities but also the management ones. Needless to say, I had to learn fast, and so seeing people who just can't seem to quickly adapt just kinda pisses me off.

Either way, though, I'm doubt that sort of thing will change any time soon, because people seem to be stuck on a path of non adaptability.

On another note: the same seems to go for customers. I swear I'm going to just start pointedly instructing them on how they should hand me money (coins first, then bills) so that it's easier on me when it's a cold day and I'm not wearing gloves because they're burdensome for when I try to do other things like dishes.

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