Monday, March 8, 2010

Filled with rage at management

Earlier today I was sitting in the lobby on my break when I smelled the distinct smell of cigarette smoke. I look up and notice that a customer has strolled into lobby with a lit cigarette. I am pretty sensitive to smoke, so I felt like gagging, and I get up and call out to one of the managers, figuring that she would tell the guy that he needed to put that cigarette out. Imagine my surprise when instead nothing is said to said "gentleman" and he is merely handed his food and told to have a nice day. I go sit back down for my food.

However, before this asshole leaves, he just has to show that he basically won by blowing his smoke in my face. Who wants to take a guess as to whether or not something as done?

So in other words, getting this customer's few measly dollars was more important than insuring the health and safety of their workers, as well as enforcing the law. Yeah, makes me feel good to know where I am on the totem pole. I can't wait to get a new job to put this one behind me. Which hopefully it will pan out with a job interview that I had had the other day, which resulted in the old pee test and background check deal that they typically do before actually "offering" a job.

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