Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yay, surveys!

I'm so glad that I'm quitting. It's gotten to be the time of the year for surveys at mcd's. What does that mean?

It means that people are being pressured into giving a certain answer so that the store looks better! I remember my first survey.. we had one of the assistant managers (salaried) standing over us telling us that we had to answer a certain way for certain questions so as to make the store look more positive. I'm sorry, but if the point is to find out what I actually think, and I'm being pressured to answer in a certain way, then what's the point? Since I'm quitting, I don't have to deal with taking those, but the other people.. well, they get pulled off of the floor in order to do those so that they're all done within a week's time.

People are getting weird around me at work. The store manager in particular has gotten huggy and lovey towards me. I honestly don't know how to react about it, but I know that today is my last day and then no more of this. However, this is the same store manager who actually did put up a sign asking people to sign up if they think they can hack being a manager, because apparently they're looking to promote 3 of them, what with one of them stepping down and them just needing 2 more besides that for the summer. Where the hell was this a year ago when I was wanting to be promoted then? I still get mad at the idea that the store manager thought I might not want to be promoted, what with my baby and all.. that's the very reason WHY I'd want to be promoted!

But if I was to be promoted, I'd have to deal with people like the dumb deaf guy with the shitty hearing aid. He came through drive thru the other day. I try to take his order at first, but he was having such a hard time hearing me that I told him to pull around to my window. He told me he wanted "an angus meal with a coffee instead of a drink" which I tell him we can do. So he pulls around and here's the conversation:

Him: I want a number 13.
Me: You want a fish meal instead of the...
Him: NO! I want an angus meal!
Me: Which one sir? We have three, the deluxe, the bacon and cheese, and the mushroom and swiss.
Him: What difference does it make? Just give me an angus burger, the one with all the stuff on it!
Me: Ok, do you want that meal medium sized or large?
Him: What do you mean by that?
Me: Do you want the french fry medium or large?
Him: *getting flustered* Just give me the large!
Me: Ok, and that's with a coffee..
Him: Yes, with 3 creams!
Me: In the coffee or on the side?
Him: In the coffee, dammit! How much is my total?
I tell him the total, he pays, and then I deal with the huge line that resulted from this guy hogging the window. I find out later that the guy complained about me, *again*, this time for caring more about the money than the customer. Well, that's true, but at the same time, he's pissy because I care enough to ask questions to ensure that the order is correct, and questions that other people don't bother to ask. I'm sorry for giving a shit about your order! I relayed the above convo to the manager who took the complaint, and she agreed that dude was an idiot.

And things like that I won't miss at all.

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