Thursday, March 4, 2010


So the other day I had gone in 2 hours before I was supposed to.. I was due to work 1-7, and I thought I was scheduled 11-5. Thinking I was supposed to be in, I just clock in as usual at 11, only to have 2 managers ask me why I was there, because I wasn't supposed to be there til 1. I clock out and check the schedule to verify (I always verify, because of issues I've had at other jobs), and lo and behold, the managers are right.

However, rather than actually letting me answer the question of whether or not I'd like to stay, they immediately prep a till for me for back booth.. I'm there anyway, I can just clock back in and let someone else leave early! So I stayed the two extra hours, resenting every single solitary minute of it. How freaking rude is that, to not even let me answer the question of whether I would stay the two extra hours, but to just assume it? If I had been allowed to answer, I would have just gone home and spent that time with the little one, instead of hanging out in back booth just taking money while some idiot woman was taking orders and letting dishes pile up because she's slow. Doesn't give me a real reason to want to stay loyal to a place like this.


  1. ummm...if you hate this job so much because of the scheduling, managers, customers and co-workers, why don't you just go get a different one instead of venting your spleen? just wondering.

  2. If you happen to read this, I have been searching for months, submitting my resume out to almost 100 places. The market out here where I live is pretty bad at the moment, with a good number of places closing. A lot of the jobs that are available ares ones that I either lack the experience/education qualifications for (such as nursing, or jobs that require specific degrees.. while I have a college education, it's not necessarily what they are looking for), or they're for jobs like trucking, which at this point in my life I can't reasonably do.