Saturday, March 20, 2010

So, new job

Well, my new job is still in food, but working with subs rather than burgers. Honestly, it's not that hard to really pick up on, save for a few minor things like settings for cooking things like bread and such, but nothing so intellectually challenging. I'm already annoyed that people seem to think I should be dumber.. it's like I understand it from the new morons I'd deal with training at mcd's, but at the same time, it feels just a bit insulting.

There are some things I'm worried about, such as people complaining that they seem to promote from outside rather than inside the company, how some people are slow/lazy, how we're scheduled to work until 11 if we're a closer but since that's only when we actually close the store, we still stay later than scheduled doing actual closing duties... has me a bit worried, so I'm still looking at classified ads just in case.

I did already have one customer that I just wasn't sure what to think. He comes up and insists that he's going to teach me how to make a sandwich, because he likes his stuff put on the sandwich in a certain way. I make it how he wants it made and then he made some comment about women in the kitchen cooking.

Me: Actually, I don't really cook, my husband cooks.
Him: What? That's silly.
Me: We made a deal that he does all the cooking, and I do all the cleaning. Besides, cooking was a traditionally male occupation, as you see in chefs.
Him: So, does he wear the panties of the pair of you, or do you wear them?
Me: (wtf?????) Er... sometimes we switch.

He left it at that. I mean, wtf? That's just weird and insulting.. and I didn't really feel I could say much because he is apparently a regular, and being old has probably cemented certain views in his head. It was still just weird.

I suppose the job isn't that bad. The people in the connecting grocery/gas store come over to help when needed, it isn't nearly as hectic, usually is something to do, and I actually get paid more and get a few more hours. So it'll probably do me pretty well for now.

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