Monday, March 8, 2010

Just a short list of annoyances

The little things can really add up for something big.

1) Grandmotherly manager was once again running for drive thru and getting frustrated and confused over the whole running process. She had asked for an order to be made ahead of the others because it was an addition to the order for window, and she was rebuffed, basically due to how she asked. By asking I actually mean "overexplain the shit until the guys don't give a shit".

I suggested that she'd have better interaction with the grill team if she would stop treating them like idiots and talked to them like they were competent at their job (even suggested just how she could have asked for her order) and she basically ignored me. Even said that she shouldn't be questioned to begin with, because she's a manager. It's somewhat fair to say, but honestly, we get treated like retards by the customers enough, why do that as a manager?

2) Seriously, do something already! I was getting more and more frustrated because of the lack of common sense evident on our counter people. They just stand there.. never mind that things could be cleaned, lobby checked on, things stocked.. nope, they'll just stand there chatting, and the managers will let them. I can only keep after them to do stuff for just so long.

3) When you have two ordertakers in drive thru constantly ringing up the wrong item, combined with the customer ignoring all that the ordertaker is saying and ignoring everything on the screen *except* for their total (the pre-tax one, of course!).. well, I have to deal with it. I was constantly having to remake drinks, ring something extra up, even get the managers to offer refunds when something was rung up that shouldn't have been rung up. Add that in addition to the sauces, waters, etc that customers couldn't bother to ask for when they were ordering, and that makes for a slower than usual drive thru.

4) Being nice can make all the difference. Two customers had made my day after the cigarette guy last night, and this was due to their attitude about honest mistakes. I had rung a man up for an extra sandwich, and he was polite while I got a manager for a refund (I didn't see I had rung an extra up until after I had cashed it out), and even smiled afterwards. And at drive thru, when I made the wrong drink for a woman (she wanted hot, I made it iced), she accepted it without an issue. And that made me feel better, at least for a bit until someone else came along and bitched about something.

5) We're not total morons. I hate it when someone asks "Are you sure this is diet?" Look, I have absolutely nothing to do with the actual making of your soft drink, it's all an automated process that stems from what the cashier rings up. And the drinks are set up to be handed out in advance.. there are few ways that the presenter can fuck up your drinks. The main way that mistakes happen are when the cashier rings up the wrong item which causes the wrong drink to be sent to the automated beverage station (or ABS), and the customer didn't bother to stick around to verify that he did have the right drink rung up.

6) If a manager makes a placement chart, at least actually follow it! I get sick of seeing a placement chart made up when I'm in a nice spot only to have that reverie ruined because they ignore it and stick me as presenter. If you're not going to follow even the basics of what you wrote down, why are you wasting the paper in doing a chart up?

All of those are minor, to be sure. All of them built up, though.. well, that makes a difference.

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