Saturday, February 27, 2010

Don't need much sense to be a manager

Yesterday was not a great day. Recently the managers have taken to wearing the headsets that we wear in drive thru, so that they can hear the orders as they are being given. You have the production manager, the manager that usually ends up running, and the floor manager all wearing headsets. Problem? We only have 5 batteries, so 3 managers wearing headsets + 2 people on headsets taking orders at both speakers at peak time= batteries not being charged at all. So, of course, all of the batteries save one dies, and the one battery is barely hanging on. We had to go to another mcd in order to get a headset battery that may or may not have been working in order to be able to continue to take orders.

Now we also get to couple that craziness with the fact that from 7 am to 7 pm they're doing a March Madness, basically another way to speed our asses up so that we can "win" some contest. Thing is, there's little to no benefit for the crew people to perform better.. as far as I'm aware there's no cash bonus for winning. There's possibly some sort of party or something, but honestly, most people don't really want to try to go out of their way to attend a work party. It's just another scheme cooked up because January-April are the slowest months of the year in terms of business, and the idea is that if you know a place is fast then you'll go back again and again.

Honestly? I'm not overly concerned with speed myself. While it's nice to get in and get out, it's even nicer to have decent food, at least in my book. Honestly, right now I only get mcd food because it's free during my shift.. I wouldn't go out of my way to get it otherwise even at work. Well, I take that back.. there's right now the sweet chili sauce that I like, but that's temporary, just during the Olympics, and it goes away once the Winter Olympics end.

Sometimes it gets to a point where I dread going to work, because I see all sorts of stupid on a daily basis and it kills me. Like our store manager telling one person to clean the drive thru windows, and then another person coming along 5 minutes later, given the same chore. When I tell her they were already done, she goes and does them anyway, and manages to fuck them up with all sorts of streaks that weren't there when the first person came along and did them. There is the damn logic in anything anymore? Even the logic in something as simple as "Don't bring up 4 sleeves of ONE type of lid, just don't" goes above and beyond some people's heads, as I managed to uncover 4 open sleeves of domed lids.. we don't need that many! People get lazy and just open one after another, rather than trying to actually finish the one that's already open. It's almost enough for a nervous breakdown.

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