Thursday, February 4, 2010

I swear FOR is useless

So I took part in the great FOR yesterday, which was to evaluate lunch and dinner procedures (the one for breakfast is today). Honest, I think that it is stupid. It's supposed to see how procedures are being followed, but when you are working on getting everything right a month before it happens, doing detail cleaning just before the major event, and ordering things right before it happens, as well as having twice the people you'd normally have working for that day and forcing them to stay in their spot cleaning the three feet around them-- well, that's just evaluating best case circumstances. That's like giving parents who are charged with gross neglect 2 weeks in advance to clean everything up and let the bruises heal on their kid. You're not going to see abuse when the inspection comes along, are you? NO!

The worst part about it was the management. They were so on edge with the district manager evaluator and the store owner breathing down their back that orders kept getting wrong and they were going insane. Management was in key positions such as drive thru runner, expediter (the person who makes sure the food is in order), assembler, and etc, and sometimes, they do worse than a brand new employee when they're stressed. I had one manager wish that I could have taken some of those spots instead of the manager that was actually there, because of the fact that I'm able to stay calm due to a lack of caring about the day and its special significance.

I think that it's worsened by the fact that we're graded on a false premise: mainly, that we're like this all the time. We'll probably get at least an 98% on cleanliness.. which isn't that hard when one considers that third shift was closed down two nights in a row so that they could literally scrub everything with a toothbrush (yes, there were toothbrushes brought just for this purpose). I even had the district guy impressed that I was scrubbing dishes with a toothbrush, although this had less to do with me trying to impress him and more to do with the fact that we didn't have any green scrubbie pads laying around. I explained this to him, but of course dude didn't care.

On another note:

I don't get why people fuss at me because I ask so many questions about their meal. "Is that a medium sized meal, or a large?" "Is that with french fries or apple dippers?" "Is that the number two cheeseburger meal or the number ten southern style meal?" They get mad at me for interrupting their reverie and asking questions, like it's so wrong of me to want to make sure I have their order rung up correctly. These are then the same people who will hold up the line and ask for sauces and ketchup and extra napkins and a small water and what not.

My view on it is that I'm giving more of a shit about these people's food than they are. I am also of the view that if you tell the person ALL that you want as you are ordering, it will be significantly faster than waiting til you're at a window to do so. To me, someone who fails to tell me that they want ketchup packets when they're ordering their food, instead waiting until they get to a window, is someone who doesn't care about their order, and therefore loses my respect as someone to care about. If you don't care about your food, don't bitch at the person who does care about it more than you do! In the end, I'm just the one ringing up the order-- you're the one who is eating it.

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