Monday, February 15, 2010

I strongly dislike our scheduling

I've made points before about how bad the scheduling is.. sometimes people get scheduled for shifts they've already said they can't work, or people get scheduled for stupid hours. I think yesterday's tale kind of takes the cake.

So day before yesterday the store manager is all a-flutter, because she is trying to fill a gap in the schedule. See, someone was scheduled to work the night shift and they weren't supposed to be scheduled because of military duties (I forget what branch he's with). The store manager is going all around trying to ask people to work a few extra hours to cover the shift, and I grudgingly agreed to work 2 extra hours.

I'm aware that the day to be covered, Sunday, was Valentine's Day. I had highly doubted that we would be that busy, since most people want to go to a nice fancy restaurant and not a fast food place, but I digress. I made the necessary calls, and of course got yelled at for putting work above family.

Well, guess what happened? We turned out to be pretty slow, all things considering, and I ended up leaving a half hour after my original shift was due to end anyway! So I not only basically ruin my in-laws plans for going out, but I didn't even get much beyond 30 minutes of paid time!

I suppose I really just wish that there was some good foresight when it comes to the schedule. Yesterday had made me mad to begin with because I was scheduled to come in at 11 am, which meant that I was unable to go to church and see people because there's no way I could drive from church to the in laws and then drive to work and get there on time. I've asked them repeatedly not to do this, but do I get listened to? No! And then I get somewhat insulted when I ask the shift manager how the labor was (meaning whether we had too many people or not) and she assumed that I was just trying to leave early. That was so not the case; I was trying to see if we could get someone else sent home early who was eager to learn something new but was really annoying in his enthusiasm. She got my meaning and the person did get to leave 20 minutes early, but it still felt pretty crappy to have her assume that I wanted to leave an hour and a half before my original shift was due to end.

I know that during the summer things will change somewhat, because we'll be far busier and we'll have more people hired, but in the meantime, I really hate winter and the scheduling that ensues.

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