Thursday, February 18, 2010

I *really* want to see a car accident at work

The other day I was in drive thru presenting (handing food out). This woman approaches the window and goes on about how she almost got hit by the other person and how impatient other people and how dangerous our merge area was. I'm about to hand her her food when she insists that that isn't her order... which means that in the scheme of orders on the screen, the person behind her was the one who had their order taken first. So basically SHE'S the one who cut ahead of the other person and nearly caused a wreck in our drive thru lane, but because she has illusions of being a perfect driver, it's the other person's fault. *clap clap*

It's this illusion that customers can do no wrong coupled with the fact that they're impatient demanding assholes that makes me hate the place. They're the types who will speed to the drive thru lane because they see it empty, and aren't able to see the other side where we have like 5 cars for food. They're the ones who will ask for ketchup, salt, another bag, a glass of water, a different toy, when they could have asked for most of this shit when they were ordering. I've always said that if you didn't order it when you were ordering your food, you obviously don't care that much about your order. These are the same sorts of people who, when they see change on the ground, will pick it up and try to pay me with muddy, wet change. Is it so much to ask to try to have at least a little sense to consider more than just your fat face?

And yes, I will say they have fat faces, because some of them are also the types who'll buy a big mac meal large sized with extra sauce and cheese and get a diet drink to cancel out the calories. Like that'll help. Or the types who assume we're too incompetent to put their cream and sugar in their coffee, so they'll ask for it all at the window.

And all this hatred for how a customer acts comes around to the fact that I'd love to see the place riddled with a car accident. I would sure as hell note that one of them impatient, and that there are plenty of signs to note that you're about to merge, so be careful!

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