Monday, February 8, 2010

We weren't *that* slow during Super Bowl

I worked a closing shift yesterday during the Super Bowl. Not usually my normal shift nowadays, but I did it to cover for a coworker who had had a heart attack recently. Yeah, I suppose I'm a softy.

We were actually fairly busy for it being the Super Bowl, mostly women who didn't want to sit at home watching the Super Bowl, but also people who were getting themselves and their entire party food for the game. Well, I should actually say that it was busy for *me*, not necessarily for the store, because I had a huge pile of dishes and I had to make more sweet tea. I could handle the dishes, even if some of them were from morning shift, but the tea kind of pissed me off. The person who had been in the back booth was a person who, while I like them as a person, as a worker they're kind of meh. The type of person who has fake nails and doesn't want to ruin them, and they also were never taught how to do a single cleaning related thing from her mother because mom is too afraid to have someone else try to clean and get it WRONG.

I stay back there for about 3 hours until I get replaced in order for me to go on my break. And the woman who replaced me managed a feat that I'm still somewhat impressed with. She managed to FALL ASLEEP.... while on the clock. We had about 3 cars wondering WTF was up with their order not being taken, so they drove up to the first window and got to witness her standing in front of the register, weaving back and forth, probably snoring too. I think a manager had to go back there and actually wake her up. That is just really really bad.

And then I got to go up front on counter and deal with the grandmotherly manager. If you don't remember, this is the woman transferred here and gets so boggled and confused by things that she messes up when she runs for drive thru. She had the person on table aggravated because she kept calling back for food that he knew he sent up. And she has a way of talking to employees that makes them feel like they're idiots, which the crew trainers such as myself really resent. Like when she tells me to stock something.. AS I'M STOCKING IT. Anywho, the highlight of her dizziness came at around 10 pm, when someone calls in asking for their schedule, and she tells them we are just SO BUSY and that she couldn't possibly take time out in order to check on it. We were "busy" in that she had two orders in drive thru and I had four orders on counter.. not like we actually had to rush though, thanks to the fact that even though she saw that we had 6 customers total, had decided to only drop down one basket of fries at a time. Typically the rule of thumb is that we drop down one basket per 3 people.. although sometimes more is dropped when, say, they order a bunch of large fries as had happened here. I honestly think she got spoiled to her Walmart mcd, which are typically so slow that they're more like concession stands than actual mcds.

Also got to have a bit of a laugh at a customer today. One of the old customers, who sits in lobby all day, sometimes buys maybe a french fry, otherwise gets free drinks because the store manager lets her and she keeps her ancient cups (seriously, I think some of her cups are like years old), brought her laptop. This thing was SIXTEEN years old, running Windows 95, had 1.27 GB of hard drive space, and was just so old and cute I wanted to just put it in a museum. She was talking about wanting to get a wifi card for it.. yes, she brought it because she'd seen so many of those young people bringing their laptops nowadays, so why not bring hers? (Mcd has finally started offering free wi-fi). I told her that for the amount she would spend on a new wi-fi card, she could spend a bit more and just have a brand new netbook.. or hell, even my Blackberry Curve was more advanced than her POS laptop. And that was probably the highlight of my work day. Well, that and when myself and the third shift manager prank called the grandmotherly manager when he used his phone to send a landline text to the store phone, her face was priceless, like she didn't know whether to be offended or to laugh.

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