Saturday, February 20, 2010

Smokers are selfish

That's the best conclusion I have for them. I have been hating them as of late in drive thru because most of the time, they fail to be aware of where their smoke is blowing, and usually that is right in my face.

I'm pretty sensitive to smoke in general, and I'm particularly resentful of smokers. They force me to stay home from events due to their habit, seem to take far more "breaks", and oftentimes worsen the health conditions of not only themselves but the people around them. Hell, my own mother is a life long smoker, and this is despite the fact that she has emphysema and uses a FUCKING OXYGEN TANK. How bad does it have to get for some people?

So yeah, I try to hide behind the windows, but the smoke is sometimes so bad that it gets in and causes coughing fits. And the customer is perfectly oblivious to their poisonous habit seeping in causing perfectly healthy people like me to have to suffer.

I also must note how annoyed and pissed I continue to be at my coworkers.. those who are blind to me having to work so hard around them, those who do things like put dirty unrinsed dishes in my sink causing me to have to drain the water and redo it because the water turned nasty, those who do things like use the mop for lobby in the grill area, which will now mean that unless the mop is carefully rinsed off (probably not) that now the lobby area will have a skin of grease on it. How hard is it to do some of these things the right way... just SOME of them? I mean, hell, just today I had to stop someone from using the brush that's designed to clean out the egg rings that we use to make the eggs for the mcmuffins.. she was about to use them for dishes. And that was because she just saw a brush and didn't know what else it could be used for. Makes me not want to eat eggs at my mcds.

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