Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scheduling and why it sucks

I should really like to know how difficult it is to schedule sometimes. I looked at my schedule a couple of days ago and noticed that on Sun they had me coming in to work at 11. I objected to this to the scheduling manager, because I have asked time and time again to put me on the schedule on this day starting at 1, reason being that we go to church, sometimes sit in with husband as he teaches Sunday school and then afterwards have some lunch with the family before going in to work. With me going in at 11, I would barely have time to drive back home, get my work clothes, and then head to work. Luckily I switched with someone so that today I could go in an hour later, but I don't think I make too many requests, so why do mine seem so hard to fill?

Of course, when it comes to the schedule in general, it's a crapshoot at this point. Right now we are in the slow period, from January until April is typically when we slow down majorly. In our town it's been even slower as of late on account of the fact that we had a real honest to god snowstorm, about 3-4 inches. Out here, they don't really have snow plows that will reach every bit of town, and they barely have salt to spread on the ground.. couple that with people who don't know how to drive on snow and you have people who either get into accidents or who just stay at home.

So, we're in a slow period, which means that we aren't scheduling as many hours for people. There are two ways to do it: Schedule a bunch of people miniscule hours, or schedule a few people a bunch of hours... either way doesn't end well. Our managers want to keep the people we have hired in the hopes of not having to hire as much for summer, so 5-6 hour shifts are the norm. However, due to the storm, I've had more like 4 hour shifts. Yesterday I was supposed to have a 7 hour shift, from 1-8.. instead I leave at 5 because we have that many people. I hung around town for 2 hours so that it wouldn't be so bad when I got home and I was only an hour early instead of 3 hours early getting off, because that's just pointless. Why even come in to work halfway across town for a 4 hour shift? I'd rather know that in advance than to find out all of a sudden that, hey, you need to leave early!

I can't wait until summer... I'll be going crazy over how hectic it'll be but at least I'll have hours.

On another note...

We've "changed" our milkshakes.. we don't carry "triple thick milkshakes", but rather "mccafe shakes". This is such a load of marketing bs. The shake mix and consistency is EXACTLY the same, it's still triple thick. The difference is that they come in smaller cups and get whipped cream and a cherry. I imagine it's to compete with places like Chikfila and Steak n Shake where they have shakes done up like that. I suppose I just sort of resent the marketing that the shakes are somehow a different formulation, when they are not.. although admittedly, because the new cup sizes are smaller, it's probably a great way for mcd to make money by convincing people unfamiliar with the new sizes to order a size up from what they normally get.

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