Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And things get dropped on me

I've gone on before about how most people don't seem to do dishes properly. In fact, yesterday when I was working I had a coworker tell me that I was the only person that he had seen who actually *washed* dishes. Seems everyone else just sprays them off with water and then that's that.

I ended up with a huge pile of dishes when I finally went back to back booth last night. The reason? Because the person who was back there didn't want to do dishes and get her hands all dirty. She's nice enough, but definitely the type that has gotten spoiled to mom cleaning the house like an OCD freak, so she's never really done any sort of actual cleaning. I can get that sometimes parents can want an insanely clean house, but why should it be at the cost of teaching your child skills for the real world? You're not going to want your kid to be 30 years old and not able to clean dishes or cook a proper dinner because they were never taught, would you?

I was in the back booth for about the last two hours or so of my shift, and I managed to get done with most of the dishes, except for maybe one load. Of course, the only reason I even managed that is because I agreed to stay ten minutes over to allow someone to go on their ten minute break, and that ten minutes turned into twenty, so basically the person got two lunch breaks. That's just rudeness right there, for someone to stay over so you could get your ten minute break and you take twice as long at it, thus making the person staying late stay even later.

On another note...

Please, don't use Drive Thru if you're going to have a huge argument. Last night I had a couple drive thru, I ask them "What can I get you today?" and I'm met with silence. A few moments later, I hear the man in the vehicle scream "Thanks a fucking lot!" and squeal off. I thought nothing more of it and continued on my way with other tasks.

About half an hour later, the couple drives back through the drive thru lane. They place their order and come to the window, where the woman was fuming at the guy. I caught her saying, "And you were so selfish you didn't even think of getting food for our kid." Again, more squealing after change is handed out from payment, and more squealing of the tires after they get their food. Apparently the couple sat in our parking lot and screamed and hollered at one another, more the woman screaming than the man.

Seriously, wtf? A parking lot is NOT a good place to sit and have a screaming match. I'm amazed that the police weren't called due to how loud the couple was. I'm more amazed that the couple managed to sit in the same truck without one of them kicking the other out. The fight wasn't nearly amusing enough, do it home!

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