Saturday, January 9, 2010

Big review coming up

At the beginning of next month we're supposed to have what's called an for (floor observation review iirc). Basically it's where all the bigwigs go around to the stores and sit there for half a day observing how the store is run. When this happens, the store runs at least 25-50% more people than they would on a typical shift while under the microscopic scrutiny of the higher ups, which of course makes everybody nervous.

I honestly don't like these sorts of reviews, because they give a false impression of the store. This is the one time where the management will go out of their way to order products especially for these two days, or they'll go out and borrow what they need from other stores. We will have people practically crawling on top of one another (and this store is very small), and in general have far more people than we need. People will be on their best behavior and customers will be taken care of super fast because you'll practically have one runner per counter person (usually during breakfast and lunch all three registers will be utilized).

I feel that if one is going to truly evaluate a store, then they'll do it when the store is able to operate normally. That's when the true character is going to be unleashed, not when you're able to bring in more people than you would have in order to suck up to some superiors. You can't see the problems of the store if they're hidden in order to make the store look better than it really is.

So I'll have to hope that I'm put in a position where they won't be sitting there staring at me as I do what I'm supposed to do. Or that I'm off on the day that they review the evening shift, which is what I usually work.

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