Sunday, January 17, 2010

If you wear a hearing aid, don't go thorugh drive thru!

Today's shift was good for the most part-- I got a lot of things done so that I could afford to slack a bit when I was put in back booth. Well, it was good until I got the rudest man I have ever gotten in the drive thru.

Me: Hi, what can I get for you today?
Customer: Are your coffees still a dollar?
Me: Yes, all regular coffees are still a dollar. (I have to clarify regular so that a customer doesn't think that one of our specialty coffees are also available for a dollar-- I've had people get pissy about this before).
Customer: I'd like a large coffee with an espresso shot added to it.
Me: *rings up coffee* Ok, anything else for you today?
Customer: What? I can't understand you, I'm wearing a hearing aid!
Me: *repeats the order and the total*

Customer then starts going on a huge rant about how he can't hear me because he's wearing a hearing aid, and gets pissy enough to just drive off to the window. He then proceeds to berate me for "trying to have a conversation and going blah blah blah blah blah when all he wanted was to order his coffee" and asked to speak to a supervisor. Apparently me trying to verify his order and give him his total counts as "coversation".

So I bring the manager out and the manager talks to him. The customers goes off on the same sort of rant and the end result? He gets a freaking free drink for his "troubles". And that pissed me off the whole rest of the shift.

If you're wearing a hearing aid, don't go through drive thru! It's already hard enough to hear some of the customers who come through with soft voices or who just can't rely on the driver to order for fear that their precious order is messed up unless THEY order. You compound the issue by not being able to hear the order taker, especially bad at times when there's only one order taker, because when I take orders on a speaker not connected to my register, the order won't show up on the customer's screen. This results in the customer needing to be able to hear the order taker to verify their order.

I almost hope that this guy calls the complaint line, because I WILL chat with the supervisors about this rude rude man. the manager who dealt with the customer overheard me taking this man's order, and she had no idea what he was going on about, but then she knows that I'm great at drive thru order taking and cashiering. And it seems to be old people who act that way rather than the younger sorts. There's cool old person crotchety, and then there's the asshole variety, and this customer qualified for the latter.

The sad thing? I'm pretty sure that he was able to hear every word I say. He was probably just whining because of the fact that espresso costs an extra $.50 and thus it made his coffee cost more than the $1.06 (including tax on the dollar coffee). Of course, it didn't matter because McWhiny got his drink for free >:(

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