Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do you wash your dishes that way at home?

I HATE HATE HATE it when other people attempt to do dishes. Usually the person in back booth has to do them at our store; however, when it gets busy, sometimes a person in grill will work on them. I absolutely hate it when this happens, though, for several reasons:

1) Most of the time they aren't done right. There are 3 sinks: one for soapy water, one for rinsing off dishes, and one for sanitizer solution... left, right, and middle. You rinse the dishes in the middle sink first to get rid of the excess grease and dirt on the dish, then they soak in the soapy water, and then once they are scrubbed, they are re-rinsed in the middle sink, then left to soak in the sanitizer water for a bit while the next load is worked on. That's the proper way. But people don't do that. They just dump the dishes in the soapy water without pre-rinsing, causes the soapy water to get dirty and greasy and you end up washing the dishes in greasy water and smearing more grease around. Although that's if they even bother to put them in soapy water.. sometimes they're just sprayed off and then put away. And that's just nasty.

2) Dishes don't get put away properly. A lot of times they'll just get shoved wherever they'll fit and that's just sloppy

3) The little things don't get done. And by that I mean like cleaning out the tea urns (sticky crusted on tea inside the containers is gross.. that's why I don't drink tea).. or when they are cleaned, the nozzles don't get cleaned. Or other little things like that.

Would people clean their dishes at home this way? No? So why do it at work?

On another note...

I hate the kids' toys. Really really do. Right now we have a gender neutral toy from the new Chipmunks movie, where they have the male Chipmunks (Alvin, Simon, and Theodore) and the Chipettes (Jeanette, Eleanore, and Brittany). By logic of them having genders, the first set are the "boy" toys and the second set the "girl" toys. I mean, for the Ninja Turtles line of toys, did April count as a "girl" toy and every other toy the "boy" toys? NO! They were all part of a single series of toys! So why is it somehow different with this? Do parents just not get toys?

A parent had come through and was insistent that her boys get the Simon and Theodore "boy" toys (Alvin having been long gone) and we had to dig to the bottom to find them. She told me that when I had boys I'd know what it was like.. an easier answer is to just not get the damn toys to begin with and to teach the kids that not every meal comes with a reward at the end (well, other than a full belly).

I swear, if/when I have a boy, he'll deal with getting girl toys, and he'll learn to either play with them or destoy them.

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