Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Next time, I won't hint about being sick at work

Earlier today, I was working and my stomach starts to feel somewhat queasy. Before I left for work, my baby was also not feeling well; spitting up anything she was given formula wise and just generally not feeling well. It got to the point where I had to run to the bathroom because I just felt that horrible.

That's significant because technically, if someone throws up while on the clock, they're not supposed to be working; but be sent home asap. From what I've understood it's due to various health codes. I go up and ask if I'm able to be left off somewhat early, because I'm just really not feeling that well. The end result?

I leave 5 minutes early and hear about how it basically might be due to stress due to the upcoming FOR.. like I really care about that. Now, when I mention that I'm answering my phone no matter what that day because my little girl is sick, that should send warning signs, but nope.

About the only reason why I'd even care about the FOR is because it allows the managers a chance to do things that they should have done ages ago. Such as finally fix up the fridge that's over in drive thru that's been broken for a month. Or fix it so that the lights in the lobby don't dim when we decide that it really is too hot in the entire store and turn down the heat. Or find a spot to put up a thing of hand sanitizer so that we can sanitize our hands without having to run to the back. There are a bunch of things I could rattle off that need fixing.

Anywho, if someone is sick, seriously, it does no good to have them work and possibly infect other people. Of course I know why they don't... no sick pay and all, but still...

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