Monday, January 25, 2010

I'd do fine if not for the other employees

Been a few days, but I've had time to build up a few things that I need to get off my chest.

1) Sometimes managers just seem to make things worse. A lot of times, a manager will be the one getting the food for drive thru. The reason for this is that they are in the best position to see if there are problems when it comes to getting food, whether the hold up is due to food needing to be made, or because of the cashier, or the presenter. However, some managers are just not that great at running.

Like our store manager. She ends up getting distracted quite a bit, usually as a result of having to be on the phone. So she's on the phone, trying to bad an order, and forgets to serve the order on her end to indicate that everything has been gathered. So I am unable to serve the order on my end. The end result is that she thinks she hasn't gotten an order because it's still on the screen, which results in her trying to rebag the order, and then I have to remind her that yes, she has given me that order, she just needs to serve it. This happened for a good part of the day while she was running.

Another manager that we have is a relatively new manager, having transferred here from out of state, and she is totally out of her element. She isn't used to a store that is as busy as ours, having worked in a Walmart mcd before.. if anyone has ever gone into one of those mcds they would know that they are basically just like a concession stand like at a ball game, and a slow game at that. Maybe on occasion they'll be busy. She is the type who gets overwhelmed and confused easily.

What typically happens with her is that she will be bagging an order, and even though there is food piled up so much that it is backing up from the heated landing zone to the table, she will look down the table as if the order is down there, instead of right in front of her. Repeat ad nauseum. She's a nice enough person, and it's hard to be mad at her because she's like one of those sweet grandmotherly types, but she is just lost when it comes to drive thru running.

2) Employees still frustrate me at times. A lot of them are pretty lazy at times. For instance, there are certain people who, when they are in back booth, still refuse to do dishes. A day like yesterday, they could have been done pretty fast, because drive thru was slow and backed up on account of us being short handed. Instead she would mostly just stand there, as if that would make the customers get to the window any faster. The man working grill, who was already going to be overworked because he had to work on a number of machines to clean them thoroughly tonight (the coffee machines, the fry machine, etc) ended up doing the dishes just so it would be one less thing that would prevent him from being able to leave on time.

Other employees are just oblivious. Yesterday I had a fellow co-worker who kept complaining about how she was just so totally bored. This drove me up the wall, because she was saying this as I was racing back and forth trying to grab stock so that it wouldn't be so bad on the rest of the crew later on tonight and she's bored. I kept trying to hint that there was plenty to do because we were shorthanded, but it flew over her head. Seriously, WTF?

On another note...

People who buy into marketing campaigns and ignore everying else annoy me. I had a customer come in for the "Pick Any Two" campaign, which is basically just mcd's way of trying to sell more of their snack wraps. There are the chicken wraps, with 6 varieties (2 types of chicken + 3 types of sauces = 6 varieties) and the new mac wrap, which I actually like because I hate the amount of bread on the standard sandwich. Now, the "Pick Any Two" is basically just mcd's way of selling 2 wraps to people instead of one, because people see the $2.98 price and thing "Awesome, what a great deal!".. except that one wrap already sells for $1.49 anyway, and really has sold like that for a while at some of the stores.

Anyway, this customer comes in, asks for the Pick Any Two, with one of them being a mac wrap, and the other a chicken wrap. I ask her what type of chicken wrap and she stares at me blankly, having never thought that there was more she had to think of than just "chicken wrap'. It took her 2 minutes after me explaining to her the options (6 types of wraps, the types of sauce we have only applies to the wraps with chicken, a mac wrap was just like a big mac except without the bun, etc), with her still having the clueless look of someone who didn't realize she'd actually have to do some thinking when it came to ordering her food. It took further explanation when she asked for the "dollar drinks", because mcd still is selling all size soft drinks for a $1. I usually default to a large when people say dollar drinks, even though I really want to be a bitch and ask her what size, because my feeling is that if people don't want to be specific when ordering their food, they obviously don't care *that* much about it. I think that it's reasonable, care about what you're putting in your mouth and what you're paying for!

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