Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to ring up an order

Yesterday we had a crew trainer meeting at our store, where we are supposed to talk about ways to improve training of people in the store. One of the focuses for this was for front counter, which I was glad of, because I could finally vent something to the store manager.

See, sometimes food is wrong because the grill team makes it improperly despite the stickers. Sometimes the wrong item is placed in the bag. A lot of the time, though, it's because the front counter people are freaking lazy when it comes to ringing up food. On our registers there are a whole variety of things you could do in order to grill a sandwich.. take off something, add something, have something placed lightly on there, even options like substituting the type of bun or requesting that the sandwich be cut in half. However, these front counter people, I have to assume are lazy. I try to catch them when they, say, ring up an item like a mcchicken as "only tomato" because ringing it up that way on an item that doesn't come with tomato doesn't charge them the $.30. Sometimes, they hit "Ask Me" because because they're doing a double cheeseburger like a big mac, and they don't want to charge for mac sauce (which is cheating the store out of money).

It's frustrating, because I ring things up 99% of the time (even I do make mistakes). And sometimes, the customer will get mad at me because they got charged for something on my order that they don't on another order by someone else. To which I will say "Sorry that the other person didn't ring you up properly, but I am ringing you up properly now, and you're getting charged".

Sometimes it's not the customer making the job crap, it's the other people around me who don't bother to do things properly. It's probably why I don't bother to learn new people's names most of the time.

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